Amazon Resident Evil 6 Deal

Today Amazon announced a series of new deals for video games and one of the most notable deals was Resident Evil 6. The two year old game is currently available on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, the Xbox 360 copy will cost you $8 at Amazon while the Playstation copy will cost you $15 at Amazon.

resident evil 6

Resident Evil 6 first launched back in October 2012, the game was able to sell five million copies over the course of a month but it fell short of the seven million that Capcom wanted to sell in a one month period of time. Regardless the game has sold over seven million copies to date and continues to bring in big revenue for Capcom. As of right now the developers behind Resident Evil are working of the seventh installment in the franchise for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The new resident evil will boast better visuals, gameplay mechanics and story production.

Those who don’t want to shop at Amazon or wait for the game to be shipped to your house can go down to their local GameStop. The game is being sold for $10 on the Xbox 360 at GameStop while the Playstation 3 is $20 at GameStop. The reason for this is because the Playstation 3 edition boasts better visuals and more content within the game.

The PC version of the game is also available on Steam and boasts every bit of content every released for the game. You can purchase it on Steam for $40.