American And French Roulette Added By Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment made a surprising announcement this weekend when they said that they will be releasing two brand new roulette games onto their PC and Mobile Platforms. Fans of Net Entertainment rejoiced when this information came to light as this meant they can experience new roulette games on their mobile devices. These two new roulette games include French Roulette and America Roulette.

Net Entertainment 1

These two new roulette games have been developed with hot and cold number boards that are based upon the last five hundred rounds. You will see the last fifteen games on the big board which can be viewed by any punters located at the casino. Additional information is also added to the big board so that punter can see recent wagers and table result stacks.

Each one of these games will also be able to be customized by the operators of each casino that gains these new roulette games. This means that multiple casinos will be able to offer their own unique twist on this new French Roulette and American Roulette games. These twists will include different color schemes, logo on the tables and more.

In order to play either one of these games you will first have to find an online casino that boasts the Net Entertainment software. You also have to make sure that these casinos offer these new roulette games, you will then be required to register an account and deposit some money into the casino. After doing this you will be able to play either one of these games.