Anti-Gambling Politicians Open Up To Online Gambling

Recently there has been several politicians in the United States Government that have been working towards banning online gambling as a whole in the USA. This means that the New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware online gambling markets would be shut down immediately. Senator Lindsey Graham and Representative John Chaffetz are the two members in the US Government who are working towards banning online gambling but both of them stated earlier on today that their bills wouldn’t be a permanent solution to online gambling but would only be a time-out for the future industry.

Lindsey graham

Both of these politicians realize that online gambling won’t be able to be stopped completely and that one day a large majority of citizens in the USA will want the form of entertainment available at their fingertips. Both Chaffetz and Graham have stated that they want to debate the topic of online gambling before they make any rash decisions to legalize the online gambling market on a federal level. They want to be ensured that the industry will be regulated, safe and not allow for offshore operators to be a part of the US Online Gambling market.

Either way regardless of what these politicians do those punters who truly love online gambling will choose to gamble online if it’s illegal or legal. There are millions of online gamblers in the United States of America that choose to gamble online illegally as they know online gambling is the best form of entertainment in the world.