Arrow Season 2 Finale Amazes Fans

The Season Two Finale for Arrow, broadcast on the CW Network, is based on a comic book based television show designed around the comic book franchise “Green Arrow” was tonight. This season finale rocked the fans world as it was full of twists, exciting moments and teases for the next season. One of the key moments for the season two finale was Oliver Queen defeating Slade Wilson without having to take his life.

CW Network

Full warning ahead there are spoilers for fans of the series who have yet to see the Season Two Finale. Slade Wilson is captured by Oliver Queen after Slade is injected with the cure for Mirakuru. This results in the playing field being equal for both of these trained assassins. Oliver puts Slade Wilson back on the island where they both first met each other. Except Slade isn’t free to roam the Island as he has been placed in a deep cell buried within the Island. This in return ensures that the menace that is Slade Wilson will remain trapped on the island.

Emily Bennett, the girl who plays Felicity Smoke, commented on the finale saying: “It’s been an honor to work alongside the cast of Arrow for the last two years. We are honestly like a family and there’s nothing better than working with one another on a daily basis. We can’t wait to see how fans react towards the Season Finale and we look forward to bringing you more Arrow in the years to come. You can be ensured that next season will top the last two.”