Bwin.Party Acquisition Continues to Rage On

Bwin.Party is considered to be one of the more respectable operators in the online gambling market. A number of weeks ago it was revealed that their ready to sell off Bwin.Party to a new company in order to venture off into new areas. This has caused for GVG Holdings Ltd and 888 Holdings Ltd to both make offers to acquire this company.


Both 888 and GVC have noted as to why their deals are better than anyone else who is making an offer. Bwin.Party has now denied all other offers which has led to only GVC’s and 888’s offers still being on the table and now the war is truly raging on. Both of these companies are beginning to slander one another, increase their offers and player activity in hopes that they’ll be able to acquire Bwin. As of this time the bidding for Bwin.Party stands at one billion GBP, financial analysts believe that that amount will reach to three billion before the bidding war ends and one of these companies gets to call Bwin.Party their own. This isn’t the first time that GVC and 888 have been in a war, they are commonly known enemies in the industry who are constantly trying to one up each other. 888 Casino has always stood as the winner though & it’s suspected that they’ll receive the rights to Bwin.Party.

Those wishing to experience what it’ll be like at Bwin after the acquisition is completed only need to sign up with one of the casinos owned by GVC or 888 Holdings Ltd. Bwin.Party is known for their table games, often providing an astonishing version of online video roulette. This is what’s made them famous throughout the years, 888 Holding’s is also a noted table game casino. This is why so many believe they’ll acquire Bwin.Party.