Delaware Gambling Committee Delays Recommendations

Earlier this year Delaware created a committee that was meant to provide the states representatives with feedback on how they could improve the state of their online gambling industry. It has been two months now and there has been a series of delays that has resulted in the committee not being able to give their feedback to the representatives. Once again the committee had to announce that they have once again had to delay their feedback.

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There is a lot of issues surrounding the Delaware online gambling industry. When you compare Delaware to New Jersey and Nevada you can’t help but to notice the difference in revenues that the States are bringing in. Delaware has to do a lot in order to make their gambling industry more appealing to their citizens.

In January when the committee was created they had to have a final draft of their findings on what needs to be improved with their gambling industry. The deadline was missed because more information needed to be collected.

The committee met with one another on Tuesday in order to once again discuss the future of what needs to be changed with their online gambling industry. Recently Delaware and Nevada combined forces in order to offer a cross state gambling industry that has helped boost revenues for the Delaware but not nearly to the point where they’d like to be. Once again new solutions are having to be created by the committee.