€175,000 Multiplayer Tournament

The Gaming Club is offering a special online slot tournament to punters. This tournament has a prize pool of 175,000 Euro’s and will be played on the Microgaming software. This announcement came two days ago and registration will begin in the next couple of days. The slot that this tournament will be played on is Shoot!.
Shoot! is the video slot that this tournament will be played on. It stands as a 5 reel, 50 payline slot that has players put in the presence of some of the best soccer players from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Symbols appear on the reels that allow for you to experience the theme in full as these symbols include soccer balls, whistles, soccer players and many more.

Shoot Slot

It has been a long time since the gaming club has offered a slot tournament for their punters. Lately this has been mainly offer blackjack and poker tournaments to their punters which has come to a surprise to most as The Gaming Club is known for their slot machine tournament. The Gaming Club has noted that they do plan to offer more slot tournaments throughout the summer and fall.

James Ford, a Microgaming Multi-Player Product employee said this to punters, “Players you must go out and register for this tournament right now. It will offer you an experience that you simple cannot beat and there is a potential for you to win so much money. There is nothing better than winning a large amount of money, just imagine what you could do with a €175,000 cash prize.”