Easter Extravaganza Raffle Offered At Prime Slots

Prime Slots, an online casino that focuses directly on slot machines announced a new promotional offering for the Easter Season. Players can now enjoy the opportunity to win £650 every day for nearly a month. This special promotional offering is being called “Easter Extravaganza Raffle!”
Any player who makes a deposit at Prime Slots during March 24th and April 21st will gain a single raffle ticket that will can be used for the Easter Vacation Package. What you win through this raffle ticket is £650, two to three players will win this everyday during this promotional offering.

You can use the tickets that you have earned for various other things as well. You can cash in your tickets for bonus prizes or you can put your tickets into the raffle for the main vacation prize. The main prize will send you on some exotic trip completely for free.

Prime Slots Vice President of Business Development Aviv Sher commented on the new promotional offering saying, “Prime Slots loves to get into the holiday spirit and we know our players do to. That is why we have gone the extra mile this Easter Season, we went out of our way to make the prizes so amazing that every player will be on the edge of their seats hoping that they won the £650 cash prize. All our players must do is make a deposit into the casino and you get a raffle ticket, the more that you deposit the better of a chance you have at winning.”