Easton Father Goes To Play Blackjack, Leaving 3 Children In The Car

An Easton man blamed his extreme gambling addictions on a “Poor Decision” earlier on this week after he drove to the Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem, where he then proceeded to stay in the casino for a period of forty five minutes while his children were unsupervised in his blue GMC Envoy. Maurice Cook left his children who are the ages of 1, 5 and 8 for a period of forty five minutes. The only reason Mr. Cook left the casino was because police took him into custody, taking his keys to let the children be let out of the vehicle. They’re currently staying with their mother.

Sands Casino Resort

Mr. Cook was playing blackjack and apparently on a good roll before he was forced to leave the casino. Luckily when you are removed from police you aren’t given the opportunity to cash in your chips. This meant that whatever Mr. Cook had won was returned to the casino, meaning that he wasted his money.

On top of all that Maurice Cook has a record which stated that he had a serious “Gambling Addiction”. He currently is on trial and will have to see District Judge Patricia Romig-Passaro, a judge who is always in the favor of the children for three counts of endangering another person’s and endangering the welfare of that child. He currently is sitting in the Northampton County Prison where his bail lies at a total of $30,000. Mr. Cook won’t be released from prison anytime soon.