Facebook and Dutch Authority team up to end illegal ads

Facebook, along with Dutch Authorities have agreed that Facebook will begin to block those who are unlicensed within Netherlands to advertise to Dutch residence through the social media site. Many online gambling sites have been using the social media giant to do this and under Netherlands law, those not licensed may not promote or operate within their borders.

Facebook will, and has agreed to, follow the Dutch law and will prevent any non-licensed casinos from advertising within the Netherlands. This includes such industry giants like Ladbrokes and bwin.party digital entertainment.

As part of the deal, Facebook has agreed to follow Dutch law, which currently prevents the promotion of betting sites that are not licensed. Currently some of the sites blocked from operating in the Netherlands include Bwin and Ladbrokes.

The agreement is one of importance as it is one step the Dutch authorities can take to ensure compliance of its laws relating to online gambling. It further is another step to avoid underage people from gambling, who often are the largest demographic that uses Facebook. It shows that Facebook is choosing to be a responsible corporate citizen around the world.