Gala Coral Land Based Casinos All Sold

Within the last couple of years land based casinos have been acquired in order to bring in new development of resorts or newly redesigned land based casinos. The Gala Coral Group, one of the largest groups to own land based casinos back in the day have announced that the final four of their land based casinos have been sold to Diamond Gaming Limited.

Diamond Gaming Limited was able to gain four land based casinos that were previously owned by Gala Coral Group. These land based casinos include Aberdeen, Cardiff, Teeside and Bristol. The amount of money that the casinos were purchased for have yet to been public. It is also unsure as to what Diamond Gaming Limited plans on doing with the four land based casinos they just purchased. Rumors suggest that the casinos will be thrown down to the group and will make in for new resorts/land based casinos.

Diamond Gaming Limited has been in operation since 1994, with now a decade of experience behind them they can say that they provide honorable gambling services. Diamond Gaming was also able to acquire a Class 2 gambling license in the USA in order to operate in the states. Players who are reading this article cannot only experience their land based casinos in Europe but also in the USA as well.

The Competition Commission ruled that these four casinos could not be sold to the “Rank Group” earlier on this year. Thus allows for Diamond Gaming Limited to snatch up the four land based casinos previously owned by Gala Coral.