Gambling Addict Not to Blame

Gambling within the United Kingdom is different then it is within Northern America. Instead of there being large land based casinos, players only have the option to go to a local “Ladbrokes” or similar locations to gamble. Ladbrokes offers multiple gaming choices including slot machines, roulette, blackjack and keno machines and more. At the age of twenty-nine, Tim Eldridge wished to kick his gambling habit and completed the appropriate paperwork to be banned from 150 nearby bookmakers.


Eventually his addiction crawled back, he went to a Ladbrokes and instead of obeying the law. This establishment decided to not enforce the protocols put in place to protect people such as Mr. Eldridge, whom wished to kick a bad habit. He is now 33 years old and within four years had lost sixty thousand Euro’s. Wages, loans and overdrafts were all placed wagered as a result.Many people will choose to blame him for his actions but when addicted to smoking or coffee, it can easily be tempting and then be caught back down on the same path.

This story has swept the United Kingdom, with many whom know the effects of addiction supporting him and his case. Those with an addictive personality more than often need help when trying to quit whatever they might be addicted to, that is why the ABB created a program to help those trying to defeat their gambling habit. As more stories have pulled in throughout the nation it’s a given that Ladbrokes doesn’t inforce this law & that their willing to have people waist every dime they own on gambling.