House Of Lords Discuss UK Online Gambling Reform Bill

The United Kingdom is one of the most famous countries within history. This country alone fought in two world wars, freed slaves and did so much more. In recent years the UK was home to some of the best online gambling available in the world but that might be all changed as of January 14th, 2014. The United Kingdom House Of Lords are looking over the online gambling reform bill that was put into parliament in 2013.

This new bill would have every online casino operator currently located within the country to gain a UK Gambling License and without that license they won’t be able to operate in the country. This new bill will result in the operators having higher taxes which means less profit in their operations. As of right now the bill sits on the committee’s stage, if approved it will then go through the report stage and if approved it will become law. This will require online gambling services such as 888Casino, Microgaming, Playtech and more will have to gain one of these licenses.

New Jersey is the most recent state in the USA to legalize online gambling and during their the legalization of their online gambling online gambling operators had to gain a gambling licensee just like UK operators will have to. During the process of New Jersey giving out their licenses some previous online gambling operators in the USA didn’t gain the license due to previous involvements in illegal activity. We suspect the same thing will occur in the United Kingdom due to this new bill that more than likely will be passed.