Ladbrokes extended 15 years of business relationship with OpenBet

Ladbrokes is currently one of the largest online gambling companies in the UK. They feature a popular online sports betting website that also offers poker, financial betting, live betting, lotto and online casino.

The Ladbrokes is considered to be a giant in the online sports betting industry and they have recently announced the fact that they are planning to extend their business relations with the software developer OpenBet.

The OpenBet is an important company that is able to provide to Ladbrokes with software for both the sports betting and online casino with software that runs their operations. This way they will continue to bring new updates and new technology so that they are able to continuously improve the online gambling services that they bring.

The CEO of OpenBet: Jeremy Thompson-Hill is very enthusiast about the new deal, especially since Ladbrokes is one of the most important client of the company and they worked ever since the start. The new extension of the deal is going to be great for all the parties involved. This way the customers of Ladbrokes will continue to have access to some of the latest innovations in the online gambling industry, the Ladbrokes will gain new business and manage to expand its operations all over the world and finally OpenBet is able to continue a business relationship with their main client that lasted for more than 15 years and counting.

The plan over the next three years is that Ladbrokes will be able to improve both the sports betting services and the other games that are available at this moment and this way they will continue to be one of the best online sports betting website on the internet in the UK.