Online Gambling Profits in Spain going down

The financial results from the Spanish online gambling authority (La Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego) were just released. The number one thing that you can note is that there is a lower turnover for the gross gaming revenues.

The financial data that you was just released represents the second quarter. It all starts with a gross gaming revenue of €55.4 million which is 10% less than the preceding quarter. The total turnover is also down by 7% and has reached €1.3 billion. The number of new players that signed up for the gambling websites during the first ½ of 2013 went down from 176K to 126k compared to the first half of 2012.

The number of active players from the first half of 2013 went down to 279k when the second half of 2012 there were 407K active players. The online sports betting industry in Spain is also not looking too good, since the revenue is down by 13% and it reached €26.8 million. The online poker revenue is also down to €16.4. The tournaments are now generating 12% less revenue while the cash games are only down by 7%.

The revenue coming from the online casinos is down by 4% to €8.5 million. And the bingo is up at €1.8 million.
In case you have a look at the pie charts with how much each of the betting types contributed to the total, we have the following: sports betting – 48.4%, poker – 29.6%, casino 15% and bingo 3.2%.