Relax Developed Poker Product Being Released By Unibet

Unibet, one of the strongest online betting firms in Sweden announced that they are launching a new poker product which is being developed alongside Relax Gaming. This new product will give a new spin on video poker games through new features, unique visuals and more.

This video poker product has been in development for over several months and had Unibet invest a total of $1.25 Million into software developers Relax. Unibet Poker was originally powered by the Microgaming poker software but after complications Unibet decided to create their own video poker product. Allowing them to be a standalone operator and provide players exactly what they want through community forums.

This new video poker software has been designed to be appealing for casual players, bringing in new features such as social elements, improved visuals to enhance the experience, it is available on Mac’s and it can also be played on the Unibet mobile application.

A spokesman from Unibet commented on the launch which is set to released in a couple of days saying, “We are excited to see what are online video poker software can do. The release of this product shows that we are becoming more independent which will allow us to take notes on what our community of players are saying and incorporate them into our games. Casual players will enjoy the experience they are given as this poker game is meant to be simple, enjoyable and relaxing all at the same time. We want players to have fun, not be stressed.”