Russian Gambling District to Surpass All

Russia is rising as a leader in the world, Vladimir Putin is gaining recognition as a leader & that he unlike his predecessors is willing to allow for democracy to flow throughout the country. Russia is now in the news again but for other reasons, it appears their new gambling district “Primorsky” is quickly rising in popularity. So much so that analysts now believe that this district will surpass Las Vegas & even Macao in the upcoming years.

Vladimir Putin

This is surprising to say the least as this gaming district has only been open to the public for a few years. It’s the extravagant design of their casinos, hotels and shopping centers that make for such an astonishing land based experience. What’s also surprising is that 80% of their revenue comes from gamblers from South Korea, China and Japan. This is funny to say the least as 80% of Asia’s gamblers are Russian. It seems that both Asia & Russia are working off one another through their gambling markets.

One of the most populate titles played in Primorsky is roulette, the biggest rooms in these various casinos consist of dozens & dozens of roulette tables, their dealers located from all around the world. Every month 43% of their profits come in from roulette, while slots bring in only 28% and all other table games only bring in 29%.

Needless to say whomever goes to one of these casinos will be met with an exciting gambling experiences, friendly faces and big wins. Hopefully the predictions made by analysts for Primorsky will become true. This’ll put Russia in entirely different global light.