Steam To Make Massive Announcement At E3 2014

Steam, the largest video game supplier for personal computers announced that they’ll be making a massive announcement at the 2014 E3 Gaming Exposition this June. Industry Analysts believe that Steam will be releasing the final version of their home console and announce a series of exclusive games to the new console.

Steam Logo

There has been rumors flying around that the original developers of Medal of Honor have been working on a new shooter platform that would be exclusive for the Steam Console. This new shooter platform is said to boost visuals that not only compete with Battlefield 4 but beats it by a mile. There has been no word from any of the original creators or developers of Medal of Honor. We suspect that if this new game is true it’ll put players in the role of a world war two solider fighting his way through many of the famous battles that occurred in the last world war.

Steam made this announcement through an email to all of their users saying, “We would like to announce to our fans that we will be announcing something special this year at E3. It will shock our core fans and it will bring in new gamers to our cause. We continue to work hard to not only make gaming more affordable but more enjoyable for everyone involved. We will also be announcing a series of games that have been made exclusive for our new consoles.”

Steam is an open source U.I that can be used by anyone who wants to make a “Steam Box”. Gamers don’t care for any other developer other than the original, Steam.