Switzerland Potentially Legalizing Online Gambling

Online Gambling could become regulated and legalized within the country of Switzerland. This would mark the first time that a legal version of online betting would be available in the country. Along with a legal version would come consumer protections from the Swiss Government and tax revenues which would in return benefit the country every year.


The Federal Council in Germany has stated that they believe regulating online gambling will allow for the consumer to be protected and will allow for land based casinos operating in the country to begin entering the online betting frenzy of this decade. The possible changes that’ll come from this could result in a far better gambling experience or one that is more horrible, one that takes from the punter instead of giving to them. Luckily for the citizens of Switzerland, this country is famous for being good to their citizens and going the extra mile in order to ensure that their doing well. Online roulette, immersive roulette, blackjack, video poker and baccarat are expected to be the first games provided legally in Switzerland. It’s always been noted that the Swiss prefer table games over slot machines.

One of the main provisions expected from legal gambling in Switzerland is anti-laundering protocols. These will be put in place to ensure that online casinos and players alike don’t launder legal funds through various illegal foundations. IPS Blockings, Fines and Jail sentences are also expected to be provisions placed in this new gambling market. This in return would make for a safe and enjoyable gambling experience.

There is unfortunately no timeframe as of right now for when the legalization and regulation of online gambling within Switzerland will become a reality. Hopefully the lawmakers can settle with one another quickly so that a new gambling market can arise in the European Union.