Update on Online Gambling From Belgium and Spain

Those looking to get positive news regarding online gambling Belgium will be disappointed as the Belgian government has begun to prepare a list of those operators who are operating within its borders without a license. The Belgian Government has asked to have the ISP’s of those operators clocked however one of the operators operating without a licence, Bet-at-Home is challenged this action in court. Bet-at-Home hired Belgium law firm Altius who have advised the Court of First Instance in Brussels just brought a judgment that is in favor of the state.

The Court of First Instance voted to uphold the state’s ability to blacklist those operators who decide to operate within Belgium’s borders without a license and will allow the state to order service providers to block their websites within Belgium. It was agreed that the freedom of speech and commerce with basic rights but could not be used as a valid argument from those who are in essence operating an illegal bettering operation within the states borders.

Spain on the other hand has seen some positive news regarding the Spanish Gambling Authority. The Spanish Gambling Authority has chosen to commission to look into the possibility of allowing new kinds of online gaming products that would include slots. The Spanish Gambling Authority has requested that those interested submit information pertaining to a number of issues that relate to this new possible allowance of operators. One of those is how those operators deal with underage players, problem gambling, the laundering of money, identify theft, credit card theft and how the promote honest and fair gambling.

Interested parties will be required to submit costs that will be incurred to regulate these types of games and how those benefits will reflect in a positive light with those in Spain. The deadline for all interested parties to submit is March of this year.