Yearly Revenues In Macau Rise 18.6%

The largest gambling market in the world to date is in Macau, an island destination that is located in China. This year the gambling center for China was able to bring in 360.9 Billion Patacas which equals to be $45 Billion US Dollars. This is a massive increase of 18.6% compared to 2012 showing that Macau is constantly growing in their revenue, players and more.
The ministry of gambling for Macau is the ones who reported the increase in revenue. A large portion of the money they earned this year is due to the rise in holiday traffic. Macau now has the largest amount of land based gambling traffic in the world, it beats Las Vegas by seven times the amount of their revenue with each passing year. That number is only set to increase as Macau becomes more well known around the world.

Macau offers various land based casinos, hotels and activities for the whole family. The island destination now welcomes people from all around the world. Serious gamblers or casual can enjoy the experience that the island has to offer. You’ll be met with kind, respectful and honorable employees that wish to make your stay at the island as amazing as it can be. A large portion of those who gamble at Macau are re-occurring gamblers due to the incredible service they receive.

Macau, a former Portuguese colony brought in 33.5 Billion Patacas alone, ranging to be around $4.19 Billion in US Dollars. This is an 18.5% increase compared to last year. Macau will continue to grow in their revenues, players and more.